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  • 4 Solutions for Urea Automation Challenges

    4 Solutions for Urea Automation Challenges

  • CASALE: The Innovative Touch

    CASALE: The Innovative Touch

  • TVA-IFDC: Bringing the Land to Life

    TVA-IFDC: Bringing the Land to Life

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Shiraz Petrochemical Company proves need for lower oxygen content in 2005

Starting in 1992, Safurex material (a super duplex material) was developed by Stamicarbon and Sandvik resulting if the fabrication of numerous HP Equipment items and complete HP synthesis sections. In case the HP stripper is made from Safurex and the carbamate condenser made from 25-22-2 stainless steel or Safurex, it is possible to reduce the oxygen content in the carbon dioxide from 0.6 vol% to only 0.3 vol% as has been proven for the first time at Shiraz Petrochemical Company in Shiraz in Islamic Republic of Iran. The lower oxygen content increases the capacity of the CO2 compressor, increases the conversion figures in the synthesis, reduces the ammonia emission figures and reduces the explosion risks.


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