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STAMICARBON signs licensing and equipment supply contracts with Jiujiang Xinlianxin Fertilizer for a new Ultra-Low Energy Urea PlantNEW

Stamicarbon: the leader in urea technology 

Stamicarbon is the world's leading name in the design and development of urea plants and licensing of technology for the fertilizer industry. Our company has the pioneering vision to help enable the world to feed itself and improve the quality of life.

Launched in 1947, we have been at the forefront of development and innovation, by which we have gained the pure knowledge that has helped us excel in our field. This includes an in-depth knowledge of the processes and practices that prove to be so successful for our customers. Currently, more than 250 urea plants around the world have already used our technology to add nutrients to crops, replenish arable land and increase crop yields. Further we have realized more than 90 revamp projects.


Full Life Cycle Support

Stamicarbon’s engagement and commitment does not stop after signing the contract and building your plant. We have developed an extensive technology, product and service portfolio for urea plants. We distinguish ourselves with our high quality standard and our Full Life Cycle philosophy: 

Wherever you are in your plant lifetime, Stamicarbon is able to offer you the technology solution, products and services that match your needs by supplying three proven solutions to suit a wide range of requirements: LAUNCH™, ADVANCE™ and EVOLVE™.


LAUNCH™ your plant

The Stami Urea LAUNCH™-series are all technologies, products and services that you need for an effective design and development of a new plant. From the very first consideration of investing in a urea plant, one should take into consideration several economical and technical choices.  Stamicarbon can start supporting you in this orientation phase and will be your partner throughout the whole journey of process design, project management through to plant start-up.


ADVANCE™ your plant

After launch of a urea plant, Stamicarbon offers with its ADVANCE™-seriesof Full Life Cycle services a range of products and services for optimizing the performance of any urea plant, whether of Stamicarbon or any other design. The ADVANCE™-series ensures the smooth and efficient operation of your plant in five areas:

  1. Support and train plant staff
  2. Optimize plant output
  3. Improve product quality,
  4. Improve safety and environmental impact
  5. Maintain the plant and equipment renewal


EVOLVE™ your plant

Finally, Stamicarbon’s range of EVOLVE™ services ensures your plant keeps compliant with changes in legislation and stays competitive by adapting to changes in market conditions. We offer the most suitable debottlenecking and revamp technologies, for increasing your capacity, reducing your energy consumption or lowering your emissions.


Experience it yourself

Whether you want to launch, advance or evolve your plant, we would like to invite you to have a conversation with us, to assess your requirement and to develop a customized proposal that is tailored to your exact needs.





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