The trend in urea industry is in the direction of MEGA plants. Sandvik Process Systems has followed this trend and has successfully developed a bigger Rotoformer with 2000 mm belt width instead of 1500 mm belt width.


The larger Rotoformer can  obtain 170-180 MTPD instead of 120-125 MTPD as before .........

And this without compromising on its excellent product quality.

 The electrical power will remain the same low figure of about 13 kW per Rotoformer unit and the speed will be the same. For example if somebody wants to substitute the prilling tower of 1800 MTPD only ten Rotoformers can be installed instead. And for the urea pastillation an electrical power consumption of only 130 kW is needed, which is significant lower than granulation technologies.


Other advantages of Rotoformer technology are:

• Significant lower investment needed compared to a fluid bed granulation

• The farmers confirm the pastilles product quality is much better than prills and the urea producer can get a higher price. A trader in Germany can realise a premium of 5 EUR/mt.

• No need for adding formaldehyde 

• No ammonia and dust emissions

• High flexibility to produce different product grades (for example urea+AS or urea+S)  whenever requested in any amount

• Fully proven, several references and enthusiastic farmer repsonse 

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