FLEXIM stands for Flexible Industrial Measurement. Based in Berlin, Germany, FLEXIM develops, manufactures, and sells advanced process measuring devices for industrial applications. For more than 20 years, non-invasive ultrasonic flow measurement has had a name: FLUXUS®. Today, FLEXIM is one of the leading suppliers of clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters, mass flow meters and process analytical solutions using ultrasonic sound and refractive index.

Non-invasive, ultrasonic flow measurement is only an “outsider method” in the technical sense: clamp-on ultrasonic transducers are simply attached to the outside of the pipe. The practical advantages are clear: no wear and tear by the medium, no risk of leakage, no pressure loss and, above all, no disruptions to production for installation. The fact that non-invasive measurement technology could prove itself as a standard method in many areas of the industry is a credit to FLEXIM. Berlin‘s ultrasonic experts have repeatedly set new standards and new measuring boundaries with their process instrumentation equipment.



FLEXIM clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters of the FLUXUS product line cover a wide range of applications: At pipes with diameters from 6mm to 6m (and up), various pipe materials, and temperatures ranging from -170°C to 400°C liquid and gas flow measurement is feasible. Whether liquid or gas flow measurement is the task, two distinct options exist, portable or permanent. A portable meter can be used to quickly spot check, identify various lines for fluid type, or verify pump operations. Permanent meters offer 100% on time, drift free measuring for critical applications in flow and concentration. FLEXIM meters are available in various configurations differing in protection levels and hazardous area approvals. A truly unique device, the FLUXUS F/G608 is the only portable flow meter with certification for ATEX zone II, or FM Class 1 Div.2.



The name PIOX® stands for Process Analytics – non-invasive with the PIOX® S ultrasonic systems, wetted with the PIOX ® R transmitted light refractometer.

PIOX® R is a process refractometer that uses light refraction at prism surface to calculate concentration and density. Because of its rugged design it is suitable for industrial processes with highly corrosive liquids or other organic process media. The PIOX® R currently is the only on-line transmitted light refractometer available on the market.

PIOX® S is the non-intrusive, clamp-on ultrasonic measurement of concentration, density, volume, and mass flow. Moreover, the PIOX® S is capable of media recognition and phase separation.



* Ammonia liquid feed

* Carbon Dioxide feed

* Ammonium carbamate recycle stream

* Water content in ammonia (small amounts)

* Nitric Acid concentration

* Urea solution concentration, density and mass flow

* UAN concentration

* Level switches

* … More applications under development



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