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    FLUITEC Measure. Consult. Treat.

  • GRANDPERSPECTIVE: We make visible the invisible hazard

    GRANDPERSPECTIVE: We make visible the invisible hazard

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We are an independent group of nitrogen fertilizer specialists with an impressive number of years experience in designing, maintaining, operating, safeguarding and revamping nitrogen fertilizer plants. Our mission is to support, facilitate and promote the exchange of information within the nitrogen fertilizer industry with the target to improve the Safety and Performance of All Nitrogen Fertilizer plants worldwide.

UreaKnowHow.com acts as an information source and an information exchange platform amongst all nitrogen fertilizer plants plus a significant number of reputable companies which offer their solutions for these plants. The exchanged information is of a non-confidential nature and covers operational and maintenance issues, safety hazards and risks, incidents and troubleshoot cases, revamp technologies and innovations, etc, etc. On March 1st, 2019 we did celebrate 10 Years UreaKnowHow.com! Click here for our story.

Together with our Chinese website UreaNet.cn, our network consists of more than 13.000 Managers and Engineers working in the Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry representing all nitrogen fertilizer complexes worldwide. We are now the largest network in the nitrogen fertilizer industry and we keep growing...Click here to find out who are our Members

UreaKnowHow.com offers:

We offer all kind of Technical and Commercial Consultancy Services like Life Time and Reliability Assessment and Expediting Services of critical equipment items, Training Services, BID Evaluation Services, Plant Assessment Services, Revamp Assessment Services, Urea Product Assessment Services, Contractor Guidance & Control Services, Market Studies, Benchmark Studies, Product Quality Assessment Services, Health Checks, High Pressure Piping Corrosion Inspection Services, Operational Excellence Guidelines preparation and implementation, Revamp support, High Temperature Hydrogen Attack in Ammonia Plants, Process Safety Services, etcetera.

We also co-develop with our Sponsors and Experts a significant number of Innovative Technical Solutions such as the Van Bommel Dedusting Technology for fertilizer products, Restriction Orifices for VOP-heaters, Pressure Measurements in High Pressure Carbamate Gas lines, the KAPP CO2 CHILLER, the Off-Spec Urea Product Upgrader, the BHDT Zero Dead Volume High Pressure Sampling Valve, AMMO LASER Leak Detection System, 3-Barrier Ammonia Storage Technology and more to come.

Together with AmmoniaKnowHow.com we offer a wide range of Safety Services for Ammonia and Urea Plants like Training Programs, HAZOP studies, Safety Incident Analysis, Safety Risks Assessments, FIORDA, etcetera.

For more information contact us any time via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.