Fortune 500 Fertilizer Company confirming performance of SDSμ-Separator at industrial scale NEW


Revolutionizing Separation & Scrubbing Solutions

““SDSμ Separators and SDSμ Scrubbers revolutionize industrial filtration by offering a next level product recovery and gas purification solutions while at the same time replacing bulky, inefficient scrubbers, cyclones and separation vessels”

“SDSμ Separators and SDSμ Scrubbers reduce Total Cost of Ownership (CAPEX and OPEX, no consumables & negligible maintenance).”

SDS Separation BV, a Dutch Process Technology Company focuses on the design, engineering and manufacturing of Dutch innovative separation and scrubbing solutions for the energy and process industries worldwide.

Our team is currently based in Europe and North-East Asia. Our expertise, know-how and IP-protected solutions deliver customers: Increased Production Rate, Higher Efficiencies, Less Fouling, Lower Emissions, Lean Designs and Short Pay Back Times.

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  • 100% removal of all liquid and solid particles >1micron from a gas stream.
  • Small size equipment, small footprint, (in general, 10% of the volume of existing separators); Perfect for revamps and packaged units.
  • Able to operate at very high range of pressures (1-200 bar).


Applications areas for the SDS Separation Technology

  • Increasing production capacity (product recovery).
  • Protecting the activity and lifetime of the catalyst.
  • Reducing the energy consumption.
  • Preventing liquid entrainment (fouling) of compressor internals.
  • Improving the synthesis efficiency and reducing the side reactions.
  • Reducing emission levels.


Specific Applications

Methanol, Urea and Ammonia Sectors

Protection of Sensitive Equipment

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