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  • VECOM: Global Expert in Chemical Cleaning

    VECOM: Global Expert in Chemical Cleaning

  • FLUITEC Measure. Consult. Treat.

    FLUITEC Measure. Consult. Treat.

  • GEXCON: World-leading Safety Experts

    GEXCON: World-leading Safety Experts

  • GRANDPERSPECTIVE: We make visible the invisible hazard

    GRANDPERSPECTIVE: We make visible the invisible hazard

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UreaKnowHow.com: 6800+
UreaKnowHow.com & UreaNet.cn: 12800+
AmmoniaKnowHow.com: 900+
Topics: 1900+
Posts: 9400+
Average posts per topic: 5+
Average posts per day: 2-3
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Videos: 270+
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Safety Information

- Safety Risks in Urea Plants: 200+
- Safety Risks in Ammonia Plants: 1200+
- Ammonia Feed Piping Risks: 10+
- Risks during Turnarounds: 10+
For our complete overview of Safety Risks, Incidents and Near Misses, check out FIORDA

A new initiative in the urea industry…with the mission to support, facilitate and promote the exchange of technical information in the urea industry...all in order  to improve the performance and safety of urea plants.
UreaKnowHow.com is now online with the largest Urea E-library and the Round Tables. Other features will follow soon. Please let this website be the result of input from all of us, your comments and suggestions are most valuable. Nearly one hundred and sixty Members are enlisted already representing nearly one hundred and twenty different urea plants with more than six different technologies: A valuable group of urea engineers. Thanks to all who supported our initiative from the start.

UreaKnowHow.com,  where the Urea industry meets.