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  • VECOM: Global Expert in Chemical Cleaning

    VECOM: Global Expert in Chemical Cleaning

  • FLUITEC Measure. Consult. Treat.

    FLUITEC Measure. Consult. Treat.

  • GEXCON: World-leading Safety Experts

    GEXCON: World-leading Safety Experts

  • GRANDPERSPECTIVE: We make visible the invisible hazard

    GRANDPERSPECTIVE: We make visible the invisible hazard

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UreaKnowHow.com: 6800+
UreaKnowHow.com & UreaNet.cn: 12800+
AmmoniaKnowHow.com: 900+
Topics: 1900+
Posts: 9400+
Average posts per topic: 5+
Average posts per day: 2-3
Photos: 1150+
Videos: 270+
Revamp Guides: 

Safety Information

- Safety Risks in Urea Plants: 200+
- Safety Risks in Ammonia Plants: 1200+
- Ammonia Feed Piping Risks: 10+
- Risks during Turnarounds: 10+
For our complete overview of Safety Risks, Incidents and Near Misses, check out FIORDA

Members are operators, engineers and managers working in and for urea plants, ammonia plants and other nitrogen fertilizer plants, individual technical consultants, employees of governmental organisations, plus employees of our Partners and Sponsors. As per September 15, 2020, more than 6800 Members are enlisted at UreaKnowHow.com representing all nitrogen fertilizer plants worldwide outside China. Together with our Chinese website UreaNet.cn, our network consists of nearly 12.800 Managers and Engineers working in the Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry. We are now the largest network in the nitrogen fertilizer industry and we are still growing. Please find more information about there background here: Who_are_our_6500_members_31_March_2020.pdf

Employees working for companies with a commercial interest in urea plants, ammonia plants or other fertilizer plants are welcome to register as a Member after the company has agreed to become a Sponsor of UreaKnowHow.com. To receive an offer please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

When you enlist as a Member you are able to participate in more than 1900 Round Table discussions with other engineers and with licensors, contractors, manufacturers and vendors. Further you will be able to obtain information from world’s largest Urea E-Library including >1000 technical documents including >350 urea patents, a Gallery with >1500 pictures and videos, Risk Registers with >200 safety hazards and receive biweekly our Newsletter including a technical paper. You are able to learn the latest innovations and developments, present your own troubleshoot cases, participate in benchmark studies, enter the Job Portal, the Used Equipment market and a Urea Incidents Database, expand your network and have access to our Google Maps Urea Plants Overview which includes all urea plants worldwide including China. Ofcourse we also do analyse this database and distribute relevant reports like for example: 2011_10_Wang_Brouwer_UreaKnowHow.com_Worldwide_Urea_Plants_Overview.pdf and 2015 03 Brouwer UreaKnowHow Worldwide trends in Urea Process Technologies.pdf

Urea Plants Overview with all urea plants worldwide

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